A Fairytale Union at Nestldown: Eric and Carolyn's Enchanted Wedding

A Symphony of Love and Elegance

In the heart of the tranquil Los Gatos lies Nestldown, a picturesque venue that once again witnessed a celebration of love. Under the canvas of majesty created by towering redwoods, Eric and Carolyn stepped into a lifetime of togetherness. Their wedding day transcended the pages of a love story, bound by the golden threads of harmony and joy, painted with vivid colors of emotion, and captured through lenses that miss no heartbeat.

Capturing Timeless Moments

Every glance shared between Eric and Carolyn, every tear of happiness brushed away, was frozen in time with the help of exquisite photography equipment—the Leica M10R with Noctilux 50mm f/0.95, Leica Q2, and GFX 100s with 80mm f/1.7 lens. Amid the grandeur of Nestldown, these instruments echoed the heartbeat of the day, framing eternal memories with the finesse that only such high-caliber tools can provide.

Heartfelt Speeches and Boundless Celebrations

The air buzzed with the eagerness of heartfelt tales regaled by Eric’s brother and Carolyn's sister. These speeches, woven from the fabric of familial bond and friendship, swelled hearts and dwelled in the jubilant echoes around Nestldown.

And as day cascaded into night, the dance floor became an epitome of jubilation. Grooves and moves of friends and family members painted a mosaic of spirited revelry—a testament to the love and passion shared by all who were present to honor the beautiful union.

The Ode of Outwrite's Journey

Weddings like Eric and Carolyn reaffirm the significance of capturing each second with tools worthy of that moment’s purity and splendor. Outwrite's visual odyssey at Nestldown demonstrated the compelling symphony one can compose by marrying artistic vision with the unrivaled craftsmanship of Leica and Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

Each image, a narrative in itself, speaks volumes of the untold stories, the silent promises, and the fervent kisses of life. It is here, through this lens, that we observe not just the beauty of the matrimony but the enduring testament to the art of photography.

In every textured detail, in the interplay of lights and shadows, the wedding of Eric and Carolyn will remain immortal, graced by the unparalleled capture of love, laughter, and happily-ever-after.

Eric and Carolyn’s dreamlike day did not merely fill albums with photographs; it enriched hearts with timeless impressions—crafted by the magic of their love and the vision of Outwrite.

Collaboration with:

|Venue:| @nestldownevents

|SEM:| @courtknee104

|Caterer:| @poetryinmotioncatering

|DJ:| @losgatosdj

|Second photographer:| @danielgontar

|Photographer:| @gagandhimanphotography

Carolyn getting ready | Eric hanging out

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Send Off

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The Ethereal Touch of the GFX 100s

The Fujifilm GFX 100S lent its impressive prowess, a medium format phenomenon, delivering images so true to life that they held whispers of the day's vibrancy. Draped in unparalleled resolution, each snapshot taken with this majestic camera spoke a language of clarity and color that was nothing short of breathtaking.

The Noctilux Narrative

Somewhere between reality and reverie, the Leica M10R paired with the ethereal Noctilux lens, carved out visuals that were as opulent as the emotions they captured. Working together, they cast a spell on the proceedings, offering a shallow depth of field that drew eyes to the soul of the subject yet preserving the richness of the background, from the delicate nuances of a smile to the intricate lace on Carolyn’s gown.

Quintessence of the Leica Q2

The Leica Q2's robust heart, paired with a Summilux lens of spectacular prowess, stitched the narrative of Eric and Carolyn's wedding day with threads of sharpness and stability. Each frame was a testament to the grandeur of simplicity, the power of a moment seized, and the enchanting intimacy shared by two souls amidst an assembly of friends and family.