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Encapsulates the essence of the heavenly sky.

Captureing weddings authentically, just as they unfold.

Gagan is a renowned wedding photographer who operates under the philosophy that moments are not created; they're captured. His approach is grounded in authenticity, capturing events as they naturally unfold. This philosophy extends beyond photography to his professional ethos, which centers around a profound commitment to serving his clients and elevating the industry. As an Army veteran, Gagan's philosophy also encompasses elements of discipline, precision, and attention to detail.

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Upholding the core principles of timeless elegance, individuality, exclusivity, authenticity, and unwavering commitment to exceptional quality.

Rooted in the meaning of Gagan’s name, represents the heavenly sky and aims to create authentic, timeless experiences for clients.

Named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by International Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Editorial visuals that encapsulate every intricate detail. The enduring, close-knit moments. The pure dynamism and wild thrill. Above all, the infinite delight of this extraordinary experience.

Voices of Love: Authentic Testimonials from Cherished Client
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Will & Ana

"Gagan photographed us for our engagement and our wedding - and we couldn't be happier! He spent extra time and went above-and-beyond with us to take our engagement and wedding photos, criss-crossing the town, forests, and seaside to get the perfect photos in the perfect lighting. Despite the long drive from Sacramento to get to various places in California, he only brought energy and excitement to the day, working hard to make us feel comfortable and to get to know us."

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Your wedding. Heavenly Keepsake.

The heavenly is in passionate authenticity.

Gagan prides himself in creating timeless art inspired by the passionate, authentic, and heavenly moments that are lived, experienced, and treasured.

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